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The motor cat



Sitting on the porch at certain times of the day is lovely. On an early evening, the mountain glows in the setting sun and all is well with the world.

As I talked with my visiting sister, we heard a cat howl. Not unusual, since I have 9 cats. The longer we listened, the louder it became- a cat in trouble. (more…)

Cat Logic at Alpaca on the Rocks



So the new kitten (whole other story) is drinking milk and one of the 10 other cats, Will-his name is Willful, one of the Fat Boy Brothers- wants it.

What to do? (more…)

The First Cria Birth at Alpaca on the Rocks

051We waited for weeks.  It’s a bit tricky to know the exact date the cria will be born.  Normal gestation is 335 days.  It felt like we would just be on permanent cria watch.  Finally on the morning of June 3rd (more…)