The First Cria Birth at Alpaca on the Rocks

051We waited for weeks.  It’s a bit tricky to know the exact date the cria will be born.  Normal gestation is 335 days.  It felt like we would just be on permanent cria watch.  Finally on the morning of June 3rdI was working at my desk when I heard some unusual sounds coming from the alpaca pen.  I looked out my window, and sure enough, I saw a tiny foot coming out of the birth canal.  Talk about an adrenaline rush!  I ran outside and got the alpacas out to the pasture where there is more room.  Then I called our friend Lynn to have her make the hour long drive just in case we needed the help.  While I was waiting I stood in the pasture and witnessed the amazing birthing process, taking pictures all the while.

Carmelita did a great job birthing her 3rd cria, and in 15 minutes she had a beautiful boy on the ground.both feet and the head yay! sm

Well, it seemed like it happened quickly to ME anyway.

I wasn’t prepared for the sounds of the event.  First I heard the cria coughing.  Another call to Lynn and I found out that is normal and helps them clear their lungs.and here comes his bodysm

Then came the clicking sounds that Carmelita made to the new cria.  I was fascinated by this unusual sound that dams only make for their crias. The cria was standing within 30 minutes of his birth,and nursing within an hour or so.such a hungry boy sm

We have a very healthy, cute, friendly, talkative male with the makings of a great herd sire, or perhaps a great singer!


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