The motor cat


Sitting on the porch at certain times of the day is lovely. On an early evening, the mountain glows in the setting sun and all is well with the world.

As I talked with my visiting sister, we heard a cat howl. Not unusual, since I have 9 cats. The longer we listened, the louder it became- a cat in trouble. We followed the sound for about an acre, and there he was.

kitten in a tree

He was in a small tree, surrounded by 3 mini-donkeys and 3 of the dogs, howling his head off. Now, it can be quite a challenge to get an upset cat out of a tree. I was hesitant to just reach up and grab him, even though he was a kitten.

But then he started purring! Loudly!! So I reached up, he came to me,  went to sis, cuddled, and purred all the way to the house.

I always worry about introducing a new animal to the place- it can’t be easy to have 6 big dogs sniff at you, 9 other cats giving you “the look”, mini-horses and donkeys checking you out, and 7 alpacas giving you the eye .. but this boy didn’t even twitch, walked in, picked out his chair, curled up and went to sleep, still purring.

When he finished the nap, he rudely pushed his way to the front of the line for food- his name was obvious…

So Evinrude, welcome to chaos.The group

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